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New Jesse Spencer Film!

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Seems like Jesse Spencer (my favorite actor, for those, who didn't know it already! ;-)) made a new film!
Though I didn't find anything about it on imdb, there are several trailers on YouTube I wanted to show you!
Well, want to know when it realeses in America and if it comes to Germany!
I mean, I'm still waiting for Flourish to be published here on DVD, but I think I have to buy the UK-version again, cause the movie wasn't even shown on cinema in Germany.
Well maybe "The Script" will be realesed here, I hope, cause it looks kinda interesting to me.

The movie takes place in Los Angeles in 3002 (!) and Jesse plays a police officer or something like that!
Altough it doesn't sound like the movies I normally watch I think the trailer leaves the impression of a very good action movie!
Let's wait and see!

I mean, Jesse looks really good in the movie (what else *laughs*) and he still has his long hair, but please, where is his accent gone?
I mean, I love watching House MD to hear Jesse as Dr Robert Chase talking with his australian accent, but this now sounds kinda weird! (Okay, after his "I-try-to-be-an-english-man" in "Winning London" nothing sounds as strange as that, but please...) He is an Australian and I always thought he was proud to be!
But well, no one knows what the filmmakers wanted to have, so at least, if it helps him to earn his money! ;-)

The Script Trailer

The Script Exclusive Video Part 1

The Script Exclusive Video Part 2

Hope you'll enjoy it! And feel free to leave your comments and opinions!

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