Dienstag, 22. Mai 2007

Pirates of the Caribbean rulez!

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Yeah, tomorrow is the day!
The new Pirates of the Caribbean movie is released!
And guess what?
A friend of mine really manged to get some tickets for the triple feature!
That means I'm watching The curse of the Black Pearl, Dead Man's Chest and At Worlds end at the cinema!
I'm so looking forward to it! Does it sound childish that I even want to go there in a pirate outfit?
I mean, last time, when we saw the double feature there were some costumed as Jack Sparrow! That looked really cool and I have some fitting cloth here that I could put on.
Maybe I just try how it looks like and decide if I put them on or not!
I mean, a friend of mine always wears stuff like that, cause she's such a big Jack Sparrow-fan! ^^
And it really suits her!

Anyway, I looked up DeviantART for some PotC-pictures and guess what?
I found hundreds of them!
Especially some really slashy ones! XD
Never thought of PotC becoming a slash-movie, but after I spend some time thinking about it I have to admit that it's actually quite clear!
I mean, hello?? So many good looking men in one movie? That isn't normal!
And, well... I think pirates spend a lot of time on the sea with no women around them...well...*cough* that might lead to something, right? xD
But it's quite interesting what ind of couples some fans create!
Okay, Jack and Will, that's quite obvious (and I still think it's my favorite paring!), but please, who wants to see Ragetti and Pintel??? Please, no!!!!
Another pairing I first thought that was quite disgusting was Jack and James.
Don't remember James? I bet you do, he is the ice cream-looking Norrington!
Yeah, sounds weird, hm? The fans call that pairing "Sparrington"! XD
But after I've seen a lot of pictures I had to admit that it fits somehow...
And one artist even gave a "proof" for her picture:
Norringon says in the second movie: "Sparrow and I left our marks on our bodys" or something like that! ooookay, well you CAN think about that whatever you want! *laughs*
Well, I think I really turned into a Sparrinton_shipper, especially when I'm thinking about Norringtons look in Dead man's chest! harrr...oh, ehm, yeah....
And after all, I'm a helpless slash-shipper, I'm sorry! ^^
Just hope that I don't have to giggle too often tomorrow, when I see Jack and Will, or Jack and Norrington, or Jack and... well, I think that's quite enough!
To get more of these impressions, please check out my dA-Page and my favorites there! ;-)

To be not the only one who's that much adiccded at the moment, here are the trailers of all the movies for you again!
Please enjoy!

And tell me when you've seen the movie and what you think about it!

Pirates of the Caribbean - The curse of the Black Pearl

Pireates of the Caribbean - Dead men's chest

Pirates of the Caribbean - At world's end


Tine-Bine hat gesagt…

Hey Sweetie! ^^

Ich wünsche dir für morgen Abend
GANZ GANZ GANZ viel Spass beim Triple-Feature! ^^

Fan-Phantasien kennen keine Grenzen,
stelle ich immer wieder fest... *glucks*
Also: Morgen Abend nicht rot werden, ja? *grins*

Ich sag dir auch, wie ich den Film fand, sofern ich in der nächsten Zeit mal ins Kino komme... *hust*
Aber die Hoffnung stirbt ja bekanntlich zuletzt! ^^

Elleth hat gesagt…

Oh ja, ich hatte spaß!^^
Kannst meine Meinung zum Film ja oben nachlesen, sind auch keine Spoiler drin, keine Angst! ;-)
Hab ihn jetzt zweimal gesehen udn will nochmaaaaaaal!!!!