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Yoho, yoho, a pirate's life for me!

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Yeah, I've seen it!
The movie we've been waiting for since last summer!
Pirates of the Caribbean - At world's end!

And what can I say: It's great!
I even enjoyed the film after I've already been sitting in the cinema for about four hours before to watch the first two parts of the saga!
I don't want to spoil here, so that everyone can read my opinion about the movie and can still watch it without knowing everything!

It has everything we've expected: lot's of goodlooking men (and I really mean a LOT!) like Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom and Jack Davenport, we already know from the first two movies!
Action, fun and romantic as well!

But let's take a closer look:
Well, we all know that Jack died at the end of part 2 after kissing Elizabeth, cause she chained him to the Black Pearl when the Kraken attacked the ship again.
After seeing the Pearl sinking, the others decided to sail to Tia Dalma.
She told them that the is a way to save Jack and bring him back to the living, but they would need the help from a captain who knows the sea around world's end: Barbossa!

Well, that's where the third movie starts.
The crew around Will Turner, Elizabeth Swann and Barbossa (is his first name really Hector? Please no!) sails to Singapore to find a ship, a greater crew and one of the nine Pirate Lords (yeah, Pirates do have Lords....more or less...*cough*)
And the adventure can begin!

I think I don't spoil anything if I'm saying that they manage to find the great Jack Sparrow, ehm sorry, Captain Jack Sparrwo, right?

Johnny Depp is brilliant as always as the rum-loving, hallucinating, even kinda gay-appearing Captain Jack Sparrow (I want to be on that ship in his first scene as well!!! - Ehm, watch the movie and you'll understand what I mean!^^)
Orlando Bloom shows much more talented acting than ever before, hat means that his character Will Turner has a bit more to do than just running around saving and caring about his Elizabeth!
Keira Knightley must have really enjoyed the filming this time, at least she's allowed to scream a lot at other people *laugh*
And how many good looking men in the movie had already been kissed by her? At the end of this part these are even more!
And not to forget: Keith Richards was in the movie as well!
And as everyone xpected, he played Jacks father!
He looks so cool, like Captain Hook and Sparrow combined in one person!
And you even see Jacks mother! *lmao*

And what else happens and what can we expect?
Will turns out to become areal pirate! *gg* At least, he even wears a cute little golden earring! *lol*
Yeah, a really bad egg, right?^^

The characters are all changing from the good to the bad side and back, so you sometimes don't really know who's trying to cheat on whom!
And not to forget the final battle!
After some minutes you really have to ask yourself who's all fighting there and wh wants to beat's sometimes really kinda confusing!

Vut the light at the end of the tunnel is always Johnny's facial expression! Never seen a better pirate before!
Even though the comedy changes this time nearly into slapstick sometimes... but hey, it's Disney!

And there were some really shocking moments!
A lot of people die, people I'd never thought of that they would and I really have to admit: I don't want them to be dead! (bring me back my *%#@...!!! Okay, sorry, I don't tell you...!)

And the ending... well, of couse every person ahs it's own "Happy End" in this movie...
Jacks "ending" (No, he doesn't die!) was so clear, I didn't expected anything else! (and I'm still laughing! XD) but Will and Elizabeth...
Well, I think Elizabeth is happy more or less (if you watch the whole credits and see the additonal scene you'll understand what I mean...) but I have to admit that I'm not really happy about what happens to Will and what we can see in the additional scene!
But I think I will write about that later and start to discuss it, after more people have seen the movie!
But I still have to say: I don't want to accept Will's fate in this part of the movie-saga!

Well, after all:
It was a great movie that explains everything about Davey Jones, his love, his heart and so on!

And: Pirates, ye be warned!
Be ready for part 4!
Already in work progress!

Drink up me 'earties, Yo Ho!

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