Sonntag, 4. März 2007

Beeing creative...more or less! ;-)

Mood: creative
Listening to: FALCO - Jeanny Part 2 (Coming Home)
Eating: nothing
Drinking: nothing, the coke is empty

I was in a creative mood some days ago and so I decided to make the two pictures you can see down here.
It shows my own eye and the other one is from Johann Hölzel, better known as Falco.
Please don't ask me why I wanted to do this, I think it's something personal, it just felt "right", if you understand what I want to say.
A friend of mine even said that the eyes look very similar! *laughing*
Well, don't know... but the one thing I know is that a lot of people tell me that I would have beautiful eyes, but that I'm often so sad-looking, and that's what many people say about "Hansi" as well...
Maybe that's the point?
By the way: the eye is taken from a screenshot I made from the Jeanny-Clip.
I just put the two pictures together via Paint and then added the font and the border with Photo Express.
The second picture shows the newest version of my work, with another text (I think this one fits better) and I changed the color of both eyes so that the skin looks a bit more similar.
That means that I changed my picture into a bit greener shade and Falcos one into a red one. (all done with Photo Express)
So, enjoy my "art work" and please, don't laugh at me! ;-)

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