Donnerstag, 19. März 2009

Back in Black

Mood: busy
drinking: Cappuchino
eating: waiting for lunch break
listening to: teh cars driving by
weather: sunny (but cold)

First of all:
Long time no hear!

I know, I know, it’s been quite a while since my last entry.
But I beg your pardon, I really had a lot to do and even more things to take care of.
But finally I hope to be back in black! *g*

What really brings me to one of the topics I wanted to write about!
I’ve been to a hairdresser last week.
And he totally screwed up! >.<
I can’t believe what they did to me!

I wanted my hair to be back to the roots again, means: away from the reddish look I had for the last years now and back to my natural brown color.
Well, I chose a brown very similar to my natural tone, just a slightly bit darker.
But when they finished dying, it wasn’t just spotted all over (how the hell did they manage to make me look like a Dalmatian?) but it was also ways too dark!
They dyed my hair again to make the spots go away (at least!), but the color still looked more like black than brown!

I feel so much remembered back five years ago when I had my Gothic-time! >.<
I’m just too pale to have black hair, even Snow White looked healthy compared to me!
Well, I think I’m getting used to it, since it’s nearly been a full week now, but I’m still upset, especially cause I had to pay the full price!
I think I’ll never go there again!

Well, and everything else?
It’s quite fine at the moment, I’m still trained to be an industrial clerk at Bayer, Uerdingen and it went pretty well so far, let’s hope it stays that way!

I hope to have some more time to write from now on (and some new topics I laid my interest on!), but first of all I totally wanted to redesign and adapt my blog and all my other websites like MySpace, deviantArt and so on.
So it might take a while for my next entry to come, but well, I think you are used to waiting, if you are a following my blog! XD

Well, though I’m at work, I have to do something now, just not to have lost all my readers, so maybe one or another might be happy to see me again! ;-)