Dienstag, 19. Juni 2007

My Graduation ceremony!

Yeah, I finally finished school and I'm so what reliefed! yeeeeeeah! XD

I'll write about it later, I'm not really in the mood to do now and I don't really have the time today!
Means it will take at least two weeks, cause I'll fly to Vienna tomorrow evening, don't forget that! ;-)

Well, anyways, here are some pictures taken by my mother yesterday!

Me, reading my certification

My new boyfriend (yay!!!), me and my father

Christian and me....haaaaaaach...!!!

One last talk to one of my favorite teachers... I'll really miss her!

One last class photo


Irina and me

Please, try to ignore the glass of champagne! ;-)

Cheers! We're finally done!

My father and my boyfriend...looking kinda...stupid? bored? XD
Please xcuse me guys for publishing that photo, it's just too gorgeous!

Mittwoch, 13. Juni 2007

Love and Happiness

Mood: loved
Drinking: nothing
Eating: nothing
Weather: sunny and warm
Listening to: Boulevard of Broken Dreams vs. Wonderwall

What is the best part of a relationship?
I mean the time when you're thinking most of the time about this special person!?
Yeah, for sure, the first weeks or months of being together, but I'm thinking about something else!

Do you remeber the first weeks, after you felt that there might be something bevore you're even together, undtil the day when you finally get your first kiss?
It's this special kind of thrill: Does he feel the same? Does he answer my message? Will he come to the date?

It's like this german 80's or 90's Song:

Dieses Kribbeln im Bauch,dass man nie mehr vergisst.
Als ob da im Magen der Teufel los ist.
Dieses Kribbeln im Bauch,kennst du doch auch.
Wenn man glaubt,fast überzuschäumen vor Glück.
Dieses Kribbeln im Bauch,dass man nie mehr vergisst.
Wie wenn man zuviel Brausestäbchen isst.

English (doesn't really make sense, doesn't it?):

This prickling in the stomach, that you'll never forget
like all hell is let loose in the stomach
this prickling in the stomach, that you know, too
when you think you're foam over of luck
this prickling in your stomach that you'll never forget
just like eating too much fizzy sticks

This dancing around each other for days, maybe even weeks, the shivering and jittering... it's the hardest time but if you look back it's a wonderfull time as well!
And then the moment when it finally happens...
the magic of a single moment that changes everything....
All the messages that you write, not caring about the money, all the phonecalls....

Yeah, I know, you're not used to read such romantic stuff on my blog, right?
But well, what should I say? I'm just happy at the moment!
I don't know what to say!
Okay, I still don't have a job, but everything else is just fine!
But let's start from the beginning:

First of all: I've finished school!
And I even managed to pass my oral examination to get a better mark in german!
It's only a half week left until my graduation ceremony! Menas that I have to see my mostly terrible class only one last time and then never again!

Second: I fly to vienna in one week!
My flight starts on Wednesday evening next week and I'll be back on Friday the 29th!
It will be so great!
But I'm leaving with one laughing and one crying eye...
The reason?
Some of you might have guessed already...!
Yeah, right!
I have a boyfriend!
Okay, it's just since monday, but hey, after two weeks we managed to kiss each other!
And that happened after such "romantic" movies like Amadeus, Kindgom of Heaven and The Passion of the Christ! *Laugh*
But hey, at least we did it! -^.^- (No, not that IT!!!)
Two filmfreaks came together, and ye be warned: freak is no understatement!

Well, after all, it looks like my downs are finally passed away and I just hope that it stays this way!
Only one last wish is still unfullfilled: to find a job!
If that happens, my life would be quite perfect!

Thank you my readers for really getting through this silly stuff!
Thank you! *gg*