Sonntag, 4. März 2007

Beeing creative...more or less! ;-)

Mood: creative
Listening to: FALCO - Jeanny Part 2 (Coming Home)
Eating: nothing
Drinking: nothing, the coke is empty

I was in a creative mood some days ago and so I decided to make the two pictures you can see down here.
It shows my own eye and the other one is from Johann Hölzel, better known as Falco.
Please don't ask me why I wanted to do this, I think it's something personal, it just felt "right", if you understand what I want to say.
A friend of mine even said that the eyes look very similar! *laughing*
Well, don't know... but the one thing I know is that a lot of people tell me that I would have beautiful eyes, but that I'm often so sad-looking, and that's what many people say about "Hansi" as well...
Maybe that's the point?
By the way: the eye is taken from a screenshot I made from the Jeanny-Clip.
I just put the two pictures together via Paint and then added the font and the border with Photo Express.
The second picture shows the newest version of my work, with another text (I think this one fits better) and I changed the color of both eyes so that the skin looks a bit more similar.
That means that I changed my picture into a bit greener shade and Falcos one into a red one. (all done with Photo Express)
So, enjoy my "art work" and please, don't laugh at me! ;-)

Samstag, 3. März 2007

Karneval 2007

Mood: bored
Listening to: Falco - Vienna Calling
Weather: rainy, rainy, rainy...
eating: already had lunch
drinking: coke (what else?)

Yeah, I know, Karneval is already over for a couple of weeks, but I noticed that i didn't add any photos yet, so I just wanted to do that now.

It was really funny, as nearly every year and I had my first blackout caused by too many alcohol on sunday! Yeah, I remeber drinking abottle of champagne and a LOT of Feigling and ZackZack... well and then tehre was a point when I remember that I was at Christa's place in the bar and the next thing I remeber is laying on her sofa... but hey, I didn't even had a headache when I woke up on monday!

Cause I did nearly nothing new compared to the last few years, I just show some pictures to let you know what I did and to prove that it really was funny! *g*

The first pictures show the costume I wore at school on thursday, Altweiber.
Though I told my classmates that it should be some kind of mafiosi or something like that, it was my personal Tribute to the austrian singer Falco, who died on February the 6th 1998, and who would have had his 50ths birthday on February the 19th this year, if he hadn't had this fatal car crash nine years ago.
I still love his music, it's sometimes even represents exactly what I feel (especially his posthuman outcoming song "Out of the Dark")
Well, here are the pictures:
"Out of the Dark! Hörst du die Stimme die dir sagt:"
"Into the light!""I give up and close my eyes"My favorite "Falco"-Oufit, it's like the one he wore in the "Vienna Calling"-ClipThis picture is the one I use as profile-pic on many Internet-communitys nowJeanny Part 1:
"Quit living on dreams, live is not what it seems..."Jeanny Part 2 (Coming Home):
"Coming Home, I'm coming home! I would give anything just to see you again"
Jeanny Part 3 (Where are you now):
"Tell me, where are you now???"

Later this evening it was time to go to Sebi to prepare for the Pub. Like every thursday it was Karaoke-Time!
And we had the idea to create very special costumes.
Caus we are all big fans of the TV-Drama "House MD" we went as House and the Ducklings!
It was really a lot of fun, and some people even recognized us! It was great!

Group-Picture! (from the left to the right) Chase (me), Foreman (liam, with a lot of make-up!), House (Sebi) and Cuddy (Steffi)
The second group-picture (and please ignore the cigarette in my hand, I know Chase doesn't smoke, but there was no pencil around to chew on it! ;-) )House, looking moody as always! (oh, you can't see his cane here, sorry!)Cuddy doens#T look too happy as well here! xDCuddy and House (discussing Clinic Duty, I suppose!)Singing Robert Palmers "Bad Case of loving you (Doctor Doctor)", what else? ^^"Doctor, Doctor, gimme the news, I've gotta...""...Bad case of loving you!""No pill gonna cure my ill, I've gotta bad case of loooooving you!"Cuddy tries to involve House in a case, I suppose, but he's ignoring her as always! *g*Yvy and me! (why I don't smile? I've no idea, sorry! >.<)Cuddy and Foreman (Sorry again for all the Make-up, Liam, but you look very good as a black guy! ;-))R'Jac were there as well.... and they looked very...well...interesting! XDRichard (or better Rikarda?) is posing!Yeah, Rock on!"Cuddy" and "Chase" trying to sing a couple of songs"Die ganze Welt dreht sich um mich, denn ich bin nur ein Egoist!""Der mensch der mir am nächsten ist bin ich, ich bin ein Egoist!""Wos isser denn, was kanner denn, wos glaubsten dasser ist?"
As you can see, we really had a lot of fun!


Well, if you haven't noticed yet, I'm on MySpace!
I have two sites tehre, so please check out both!

One is about me (who else? ;D), you can find it here:

The other one is my personal Tribute to the Austrian singer FALCO, who died nine years ago in a car crash in the Dominican republic.
Even though you might not be a fan of him or his music, please take a look as well!

Thank you, and feel free to leave some comments or sending a message! ;-)

Keep on Rockin'!

After my little depressing posts some weeks ago, now something for us good old Rock N Rollers!
If you like listening to some very good Rock music, you should check your local pubs for some gigs of the band "R'Jac"!
Since I heard them for the first time, I try not to miss a single gig of them, even if that means to drive to the Neatherlands! *laughs*

Well, though I can't upload any songs here, let me just say: If you like ACDC, The Clash, and all this stuff, it's perfect for you!
They rock!!!

If you want to know more about them, please check out their webpage: !

And just to give you a little impression, here are some pictures of two of their last gigs:

9th of December at a pub in the Netherlands:

At the Pógs: