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Hey, I found a little time today, so i decided to write in my Blog.

Well, what could I tell you?
I'm waiting.
But for what?
Many different things!

Waiting for friday:
Two of my best friends will visit me and stay till saturday.
I'm really looking forward to it, cause I don't see them that often, cuase they live in Overath, near Cologne and it's always a little adventure (and a lot of money for me) to go there.
Well, I think there's a lot to tell.

Still waiting for friday:
May favorite "Pub-Band" R'Jac is playing at the Pógs on friday night, the entry is only three Euros and you'll get four hours full of good rock music, lot of fun and really nice people! (Cecilia and Richard are really great, they rock da pub! ;-))

Waiting for Saturday:
Liam has his big apearence on stage in Pont with his Karnevals-group and I really want to see him singing "The Rocky Horror Picture Show!" xD

Waiting for February the 12th:
The birthday of one of my favorite actors, Jesse Spencer. He's 28 then, wow, and he didn't loose a single hair until now! xD (Oh sorry, I'm getting mean! *hehe*)

Waiting for February 15th:
Altweiber! And Sebi, Steffi, Liam and I will go as House and the Ducklings!
Our costumes are finished by now and we'll have a lot of fun on thursday, singing "Bad Case of loving you (Doctor Doctor)" at Karaoke! (And I can drink, I don't have to drive, by the way! Cider!!!!!)

Waiting for February 19th:
Falco would become 50 this year if he would be still alive. But he isn''s really too bad about him.
Since I've seen the Falco-Show last Monday on Kabel 1, I'm listening to his music the whole time.
I always loved it, but sometimes you forget what you heard some years ago and it just needs a little push to remember you.

Waiting for June:
My final exams will be over!!! Yeah!!!!
My last exam will be on May 25th, and after that, I hope that I'll be free!
And I decided to stop smoking after my final exam, after all this stress has gone! (need another cigarette by the way! *laughs*) I hope, that I'll manage that all, I really need the money! *hehe*

Well, that's so far!
Means only two days left till I will have at least a little fun! hehe!

See and love ya all!

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