Sonntag, 8. Juli 2007

It's a happy birthday party

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Weather: dark and rainy
Listening to: the voice of my boyfriend on the phone

Me and Christian on my actual birthday date! I know he looks a bit...weird here! But please ignore that, okay? ;-)
If you notice the picture hanging behind me on the wall, that's me with about one or two years, I think. Did I changed a lot in these years? XD

Saturday was Party-time! And guess who was there as well:
Jürgen, Adeline and Tine! (and Sheerie, not shown on this photo)

But here she is! Yeah, I was so happy to see the girls again! I missed them so much!

See how happy I've been? ^^

Please notice the nice necklace I wore, it's an original Swarovski Sisi-star from Austria!

Me and the girls!!! (Tine, Adeline, Sheerie [ltr] and me [front])

And another try!

Steffi had fun as well, Sebi is just looking amused

Liam, me and Sebi! The infernal trio! XD

Guys and their beer! (Sven and Sebi)

Jasmin, another girl from my old school and Liam

I've got a jar of dirt, I've got a jar of diihiiiirt, and guess what's inside of it!
Yeah, there really WAS a heart in it!!!

Martin and Christian, having fun talking bout their time in the army

Adeline, enjoying the champagne and a cigarette

Please notice the chucks! ;-) And not only the red eyes!

Tine and her always sunshining smile!

The devil behind the wall! XD
Did my boyfriend forget to tell me something that might be important? ;-)


"I don't feel like dancing!"
Please, don't ask! You haven't seen as screaming "Sheets of egyptian cotton"! ;-)

Jasmin and Liam again

Small talk as it's best

Phillip, Jasmin's boyfriend had some good conversations with Liam

And Sebi enjoied some with Sven

Christian prefered to enjoy the coke

And I was still smiling, cause it really was a lot of fun!

As you can see: even Christian gave us a smile! ;-)

Even though it might look kinda strange sometimes!
Kisses to you, honey!

After all: I had a really great time!
Unfortunetly, Tine, Jürgen, Sheerie and Adeline had to drove back again this night and couldn't stay until the end, but I still enjoyed the few hours with the girls!
And of course, I got a lot of presents!
Beside a lot of money (Yeeeeeaaaahhhh!!!!), I got first of all, the present from my boyfriend Christian: the time-turner of Harry Potter!
I could still kiss and hug him the whole time!
It looks sooo great!
Wanna take a lot?
Watch here:

I really love that jewelery, the only sad thing about it is that you can't really travel through time! ;-)

Other presents were the movie "Prestige" on DVD! Have you seen the movie? It is so great! Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale play two magicians on their way to perform the perfect magic trick! A must have!

See the trailer:

And beside that I get very cool presents from the girls: a small figure of an angel, a small glass stone with an prurple heart inside includiung a triquetta, another of our - as I would call it - "family"-rings (cause I nearly lost my first one!9 aaaand: a bottle of shower gel and a bottle of body lotion!
Nothing spectecular, you say?
No way! cause it's falvoured with strawberry!
A little joke between us, that you don't have to understan, but maybe some of you will!
Now my hair and my whole body scents like a whole strawberry field, cause I use shampoo, shower gel and body lotion with this flavour! It's fantastic!

And I had a little treasure hunt, as well!
First of all, I got a jar of dirt! Really! as you can see on the pictures, Sebi, Steffi and Liam gave me a jar of dirt!
And - stupid as I am - I ask: Is there really a thump-thump in it? (For those who don't understand this: go and watch Pirates of the Caribbean - Dead man's chest!)
They just said: Find out!
But I'm not that stupid, you know?
I just shaked the jar of dirt a bit (I really felt like Jack a that moment, you know? ^^) and didn't even touched the sand.
That was when Sebi already started laughing and said: I'd said that she wouldn't put her hand inside! come to an end: there was a heart in it! A real heart! But it was a heart from a pig and Steffi threw it away after I didn't put my hand inside the jar.

Then I got a treasure map!
With a little riddle on it: I had to find out which one of the three guys had my real present!
The first hint was:
To find the origin of his name, you have to put Elizabeth's treasure in front of it
The second one was:
The name is a law like a curse, full of irony!

After reading the second hint, it was pretty easy:
(Will)Liam Murphy!
The "treasure" was really a lot of money! ;-)

And I swore to myself that I'llhave to choose better films that I like most, some movies wthout any of these weird things like hearts in jars or something like that!

As you can see and read, we had a lot of fun and a great evening!
It's a pitty that it ended so soon!
But who knows, the next year will come! ;-)

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