Dienstag, 19. Juni 2007

My Graduation ceremony!

Yeah, I finally finished school and I'm so what reliefed! yeeeeeeah! XD

I'll write about it later, I'm not really in the mood to do now and I don't really have the time today!
Means it will take at least two weeks, cause I'll fly to Vienna tomorrow evening, don't forget that! ;-)

Well, anyways, here are some pictures taken by my mother yesterday!

Me, reading my certification

My new boyfriend (yay!!!), me and my father

Christian and me....haaaaaaach...!!!

One last talk to one of my favorite teachers... I'll really miss her!

One last class photo


Irina and me

Please, try to ignore the glass of champagne! ;-)

Cheers! We're finally done!

My father and my boyfriend...looking kinda...stupid? bored? XD
Please xcuse me guys for publishing that photo, it's just too gorgeous!

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